Welcome to Football Emojis

Football Emojis is the umbrella name for a collection of iOS emoji-sticker apps with the national football teams of different countries.

Each app consists of a custom emoji-keyboard (for iOS 8 and later) and an iOS 10 iMessage sticker pack (for iOS 10 and later). So if you have iOS 8 or 9 you can use the emoji-keyboard to send the stickers, and if you have iOS 10 or later you can use both the emoji-keyboard and the iOS 10 iMessage sticker pack. Each app includes the following emoji-stickers: 15 supporter items, the current player squad home- and away kits (shirts with player name and numbers) and 10 legends. In total each app consists of about 70 emoji-stickers.

The first released national team was Team Brazil, and the next was Team Portugal, and after that Team England.

With Football Emojis you can show your support for your country’s national football team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification. The emoji-stickers can be used in message apps such as for example iMessage, Telegram and Mail.

If you run a blog or work for the press and want to tell about Football Emojis, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.