Below you can find the most commonly asked questions about Football Emojis. Click a question to see the answer.

General questions

We hope so, the plan is that Football Emojis shall be available for Android in the near future, but it depends a little on how the iOS version is received.

Questions about install and usage

Tap the Football Emojis icon (i.e. “Team Xxx” icon) on your unit, and follow the simple set-up instructions.

Each national team has its own icon. If you for example have downloaded Team Brazil (Football Emojis – Team Brazil) the icon will consist of the yellow Team Brazil shirt on a green grass background. If you have downloaded Team Portugal (Football Emojis – Team Portugal) the icon will consist of the red Team Portugal shirt on a green grass background, and so forth. When downloaded from the App store the icon will end up in the first free space on one of your home screen pages. Click the app icon to see how to set up the Football Emojis keyboard on your unit.

You can use them in iMessage, Mail and other messaging apps that support third party sticker apps (such as for example Telegram).

After download and install you can access them as an extra keyboard. On your home screen, tap the icon for the team you have downloaded from the App Store to read about how to access and use the stickers.

If you have got iOS 10 or later you can also access them as a sticker pack in iMessage.

First make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app. Then when writing a post tap and hold the globe symbol in the lower left corner of your normal keyboard and choose the Football Emojis keyboard (Football Emojis, Team Brazil, Team Portugal or Team England). When the Football Emojis keyboard is selected, tap and hold the sticker you want to use, when the size select menu appears choose the XL size. Finally tap into the message field and choose paste. Since Facebook stretch the stickers to a predefined size we recommend only using the XL size stickers.

Third party emoji sticker apps will not function properly without full access. Football Emojis will never collect or store any information that you type using this app. For more information please read our privacy-policy.

If you have iOS 10 or later and only want to use the iMessage sticker pack you don’t have to allow full access. Full access is only needed for the FootballEmojis keyboard.

WhatsApp jpeg-compresses all inserted images, and stretches them to a predefined size, so if you choose the default or Large size emoji-stickers the images appear blurry. Solution: Use only the Extra Large size (XL) when using FootballEmojis in WhatsApp.

Only so called unicode emojis can be inserted directly into the text, and it is only the OS developer (Apple, Google) who can manufacture and control those. For now no third party developer can create and handle unicode emojis. As a workaround some developers create their own messaging apps to be able to insert their own emoji stickers directly into the text, but then the receiver have to have those apps installed as well. If Apple allow sticker-emojis to be inserted directly into the message text in the future, we will update Football Emojis with that feature.

Questions about teams and stickers

On the home page of this site you can see the national football teams that is currently available. Tap on the team you wish to install and you will be directed to that team in the App Store. You can also search in the App store for the national team you want to install. For example if you want to install the Brazilian national football team, you can search for “Team Brazil”.

With over a hundred national football teams around the world, the task to include them all in Football Emojis is a tough one. But we are constantly adding teams, so with a little luck your country will soon be represented in Football Emojis. On the home page of this site you can see the football teams that are currently in progress.

When we are producing the stickers we are using the most recent reported squad (to Fifa). Then of course squad set ups can (and most probably will) change during the season. Players get injured, players are dropped and others get called up. It is impossible for us to update the team squads every time such changes occur. But for every new season the national team squads will be updated and available for download on the App store.

Yes you can. A new keyboard will be added for each team you install, and you can easily toggle between them. Since they are treated as separate apps you will have to perform the set-up process, and allow full access for each one of them, and that’s it.

No, stickers or emoji-stickers are not the same as regular emojis. Regular emojis (unicode emojis) are part of the operating system and can only be handled by the manufacturer of the operating system (i.e. Apple, Google). Stickers or emoji-stickers are sent as small images, so the receiver doesn’t have to have the stickers app (FootballEmojis app) installed.

We contact every country’s national football team federation for permission to use the correct national team patch on the front shirt stickers. But for those who don’t give permission or refuse to reply we have to exclude the correct patch for these national teams, and replace it with a country flag. So the short answer is that if the correct team patch is missing it is for legal reasons.